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Add Media Items to Mobile Home Page.png

Before we begin adding items to the mobile app home tab,

we will first build a contact us link.

Step 1: Click On Media Assets


Step 2: Click on Links


Step 3: Click On Create Link


Step 4: Title your link 

The title for this will be "Contact Us." Please proceed by clicking on  "create" .


Step 5: Click on In-App Contact Us

Connect your In-App Contact Us form. This page will open within your mobile app. Gather individual data from your users, including their first and last names, email addresses, and phone numbers.


Step 6: Give Appearance

Click the box to upload your image to appearance 


Step 7: Click on Upload Image

As soon as you click "Upload Image," your file folder will pop up.


Step 8: Select Image

Click the "Open" button after you have chosen the image you want to use for your appearance.


Step 9: Click Apply

The blue line indicates the final appearance; adjust the image within the lines, then select "Apply."


Step 10: Click Apply

Now that your image has been added to the Library, pick the image you just uploaded.


Step 11:  Repeat the process

You want the same image to be in all of the appearance boxes.


Step 12: Same image 

As shown below every appearance box has the same image 


Step 13: Save and Publish

This step is critical to ensuring that your link is stored and active.

Now that you've finished developing the contact us link, we'll go over how to add media items to the mobile app home page.

Step 1: Click Apps

You will now start adding media items to your home page.

Step 1.png

Step 2: Click on Mobile App

After clicking on the mobile app, make sure you are in the home tab before adding items.

Step 2.png

Step 3: Add Banner

You may choose any banner you like, but we have selected this one as an example.

Step 3.png

Step 4: Select Poster Box 

Click the Poster Box to upload the image you'd like to use as your banner.

Step 4.png

Step 5: Click Image

You have the option of adding a video or an image, but for this example, we are going with the image.

Step 5.png

Step 6: Upload Image

To begin the process of uploading an image, click on upload image.

Step 6.png

Step 7: Select Image

Click "open" after choosing the image you wish to use as a banner.

Step 7.png

Step 8: Click Apply

Now that your image has been added to the Library, select the image you just uploaded then click "Apply"

Step 8.png

Step 9: Header is Added

We will now begin the process of adding items now that your header has been added.

Step 9.png

Step 10: Add Item

To start adding items to your home mobile app, click on add item.

Step 10.png

Step 11: Add Video Series

First, select the video series you want to add to your home tab, then click apply.

Step 11.png

Step 12: Video Series has been added

The video series has been added to the home mobile app tab, as shown below.

Step 12.png

Step 13: Click Add Item 

Click "Add Item" to add more items to the home mobile app tab.

Step 13.png

Step 14: Add Calendar 

Click "Apply" after selecting the calendar you want to add.

Step 14.png

Step 15: Calendar has been added 

Click "Add Item" to add more items to the home mobile app tab now that the calendar has been added 

Step 15.png

Step 16: Click on Link 

Click "Apply" after selecting your Contact Us link.

Step 18.png

Step 17: Click Save

This is a key step to make sure everything is saved.

Step 19.png

Step 18: Click Preview

When you select "preview," you will get a real-time preview of how your app will appear.

Step 20.png


Step 21.png

CONGRADULATIONS you have finished creating your contact us link and adding media items to mobile app


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