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Step 1: From Your Dashboard Click On Media Assets


Step 2: Click On Videos

Step 1 continue.png

Step 3: Click On Add Video, then Title Your Video

Adding title to Video.png

Step 4: Make Sure To Select The Video Series,

then Click Create

 This Will be the SERIES that your VIDEO will be ADDED too.

Drop box to add to series.png

Step 5: Fill Out Subtitle And Description

For DESCRIPTION the Max Characters you can have is 2000 


Step 6: Click here to UPLOAD VIDEO

 The Maximum File Size is 10 GB

Click Video.png

Step 7: Select your Video

1) After clicking the video, your computer's folder will appear.

2)  Double-click on the video you wish to upload or select your video and click OPEN after choosing your video.


Step 8: Your Video has now been Uploaded and will start the encoding process.

1) Depending on the size of your Video, will determine how long the encoding process takes.


2) You cannot publish your Video until the encoding process is completed.


3) You will receive an email notifying you that your Video has been processed and is now ready to be Published.


Step 9: Once Video has been encoded, click Published


Step 10: READ each Setting and Choose which Setting you would like for your VIDEO to have

If you choose NO that means your video won't have this Setting and if you choose YES that means it will have this setting


Step 11: CLICK on each Appearance Box to ADD a Image or thumbnail

1) Your video in VIDEO SERIES will have this IMAGE overlaid on top of it.

2) If you need license-free high quality images, visit


Step 12: Once you CLICK on the Appearance Box, this popup will appear on the right side of the screen

 This is where you would click to upload the image

from your computer.


Step 13: Once you CLICK on the Upload Image Box, your Computer Folders will Pop up

 You can either Double Click the Image or Click on the Image then and Click Open


Step 14: Once you choose your image, you will see crop box appear.

 The blue lining is what the image will be cropped too. Adjust your image to be cropped, then click Apply


Step 15: Your Image has now been Uploaded Successfully 

 Double Click your Image or Click the image, then click Apply


Step 16: Repeat

 Once you have done that you will see your Image in each

Appearance Box is the same as shown below.


Step 17: Now Select Your Pricing For your Video

 You can make your Video Free, Free but Requires a Email & Phone, Paid Subscription or One Time Purchase, Then click SAVE.


CONGRATULATIONS you have finished uploading and publishing your first Video to your Video Series. To Add more Videos, repeat these steps starting with Step 1.


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